Coaches 2017-18 Season

Strength and Conditioning

Skip Fite Head Coach (678) 839-3956 eMail Skip Fite
Jeff Smith Assistant Coach
Adam Chamblee Graduate Assistant
Scott Groninger Head Coach (678) 839-3967 eMail Scott Groninger
Manisha Redus Assistant Coach (678) 839-3965 eMail Manisha Redus
Ryan Bailey Head Coach
Todd Selders Head Coach
Al Thomas Head Coach (678) 839-3963 eMail Al Thomas
Christina Ezell Assistant Coach (678) 839-1861 eMail Christina Ezell
Michael Cooney Head Coach
Andy Young Assistant Coach
Stacey Balaam Head Coach (205) 568-3163 eMail Stacey Balaam
Ben Chedgy Assistant Coach (706) 525-9612 eMail Ben Chedgy
Michael Coleman Head Coach
Taylor Lefton Graduate Assistant
Ryan Bailey Head Coach
Tony Hawkins Assistant Coach
Shannon Riley Pole Vault Coach
Nolen Wood Throws Coach
Ryan Bailey Head Coach
Trina Braden Head Coach (678) 839-3955 eMail Trina Braden
Joe Camp Assistant Coach
David Dean Head Coach (678) 839-1898 eMail David Dean
Sam Gregg Offensive Coordinator (678) 839-6541 eMail Sam Gregg
Scott Symons Defensive Coordinator/Safeties (678) 839-3958 eMail Scott Symons
Josh Aldridge Defensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator (678) 839-3959 eMail Josh Aldridge
Tad Blaylock Director of Football Operations
Cayden Cochran Quarterbacks (678) 839-1871 eMail Cayden Cochran
Rickey Hunley Linebackers (678) 839-3960 eMail Rickey Hunley
Cody Kennedy Offensive Line (678) 839-3961 eMail Cody Kennedy
Munday Tatum Executive Assistant to Head Coach
Thomas Baltrus Runningbacks
Darius Safford Cornerbacks
Dallas Dickey Offensive Graduate Assistant
Nick Grosso Defensive Graduate Assistant
Ken Hale Defensive/Video Assistant eMail Ken Hale
Todd Selders Head Coach
Audrey Danbury Assistant Business Manager (678) 839-3966 eMail Audrey Danbury
Cal Heard Accounting Assistant
Jared Boggus Assistant Sports Information Director (678) 839-1883 eMail Jared Boggus
Matthew Clay Executive Director, UWG Athletic Foundation (678) 839-1877 eMail Matthew Clay
JoAnn Morgan Administrative Assistant (678) 839-6533 eMail JoAnn Morgan
David Haase Assistant Athletic Director - Student Athlete Development and Academic Support (678) 839-5363 eMail David Haase
Aria Gaines Student Athlete Academic Advisor (678) 839-6134 eMail Aria Gaines
Emily Hall Athletics Academic Coordinator (678) 839-5367 eMail Emily Hall
Carri Stewart Head Athletic Trainer (678) 839-3968 eMail Carri Stewart
Monte Curtis Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (678) 839-3972 eMail Monte Curtis
1601 Maple St
Carrollton, GA 30118
(678) 839-5000