Volleyball Honors

All-GSC Honors

Year Player Award
1984 Debbie Earich All-GSC
1984 Sue Loeffler All-GSC
1985 Annette Collier All-GSC
1985 Sue Loeffler All-GSC
1986 Michelle Phillips All-GSC
1986 Siv Solem All-GSC
1987 Michelle Phillips All-GSC
1987 Dawn Tobin All-GSC
1988 Barbara Berry All-GSC
1988 Dawn Tobin All-GSC
1989 Barbara Berry All-GSC
1989 Beth Moscrip All-GSC
1991 Beth Moscrip All-GSC
1992 Tricia Taylor All-GSC
1994 Teresa Paini All-GSC
1995 Teresa Paini All-GSC
1997 Amy Ernst All-GSC
1997 Kristin Myers All-GSC
1997 Kristi Tubbs All-GSC
1998 Kim Facklam Second Team
2004 Stephanie Singleton First Team
2004 Morgan Kilpatrick Second Team
2004 Kathi Schoeneck Second Team
2005 Carolin Schoeneck First Team
2005 Stephanie Singleton Second Team
2006 Carolin Schoeneck First Team
2006 Juliana da Silva Second Team
2007 Andreesa Martins First Team
2007 Jordan McDonald Second Team
2007 Carolin Schoeneck Second Team
2008 Andreesa Martin First Team
2010 Lisa Ogide Second Team
2012 Emily Reul First Team
2012 Lesley Bemis Second Team
2013 Emily Reul Second Team
2013 Melissa Holt Second Team
2013 Lesley Bemis First Team

All-Region and All-American Honors

Year Player Award
2012 Emily Reul AVCA All-Region
2013 Melissa Holt AVCA All-Region
2013 Melissa Holt AVCA All-American

Player of the Year Honors

Year Player Award
1989 Barbara Berry GSC Offensive Player of the Year
2004 Morgan Kilpatrick GSC Freshman of the Year
2006 Kamille King GSC Freshman of the Year
2007 Jordan McDonald GSC Freshman of the Year

Coach of the Year Honors

Year Coach Award
1987 Judy Kilpatrick GSC Coach of the Year
2004 Amy Draper East Division Coach of the Year