CARROLLTON, Ga. - The West Georgia women's tennis team won their fourth match of the year on Saturday afternoon in Fort Valley, Ga., taking down the Fort Valley State Wildcats in non-conference action with a 9-0 victory. 

The Wolves lost just one point in doubles play on Saturday afternoon, winning 6-1 in No. 1 doubles and 6-0 in No. 2 doubles. The win for Shelby Brown and Meg Cummings, the West Georgia No. 2  doubles team, was the fifth of the season, moving their record to 5-2 on the year. Timia Commodore and Sofia Soltis took the No. 1 doubles duty on Saturday, moving to 3-5 on the year with the victory. 

Commodore, a freshman, had the closest battle in singles play on the day, winning No. 1 singles 6-3 in the first set and 6-1 in the second. Soltis won 6-2 in the first set, then blasted through in the second with a 6-0 victory in No. 2 singles. Shelby Brown, Meg Cummings, and Bailey McCammon each won in straight sets in flights 3-5. For Brown and McCammon, the wins were the fifth of the year in singles play for each. 

West Georgia moves to 4-4 on the year with the victory while Fort Valley State drops to 2-7 on the year. 

West Georgia 7, Fort Valley State 0
March 9, 2019 at Fort Valley, GA 

Singles competition
1. Timia Commodore (UWG) def. Tyshon Smith (FVS) 6-3, 6-1
2. Sofia Soltis (UWG) def. Kariah Kelly (FVS) 6-2, 6-0
3. Shelby Brown (UWG) def. Brishon Bridges (FVS) 6-0, 6-0
4. Meg Cummings (UWG) def. Imani Wainwright (FVS) 6-0, 6-0
5. Bailey McCammon (UWG) def. Rita Davis (FVS) 6-0, 6-0
6. Jamie Bryant (UWG) wins by default

Doubles competition
1. Timia Commodore/Sofia Soltis (UWG) def. Tyshon Smith/Kariah Kelly (FVS) 6-1
2. Meg Cummings/Shelby Brown (UWG) def. Brishon Bridges/Imani Wainwritght (FVS) 6-0
3. Bailey McCammon/Jamie Bryant (UWG) wins by default

Match Notes
West Georgia 4-4
Fort Valley State 2-7