CARROLLTON, Ga. – The Wolves head to Rome, Ga. for the 2019 Gulf South Conference Track and Field Championship. The events begin on Thursday afternoon beginning with a few heptathlon events and boiling down to the finals and naming of the champion on Saturday afternoon.


The Wolves look to win their first Gulf South Conference Championship since 2016. Here is how the weekend breaks down:





This season there have been two athletes training to compete in seven events scoring based on points. For the Wolves, Paige Berriochoa and Nadia Davila will begin their heptathlon on Thursday and conclude on Friday. Beginning at 12:15 pm they will compete in the 100m hurdles, 200m dash, shot put, and high jump.



Thursday night at 5:00 pm the hammer throw will begin to kick off the throws for the weekend. Tyra Babbs, Brandi Boddy, MJ Jones, Ravae Cox, and Kayla Williams will throw hammer for the Wolves. Also at 5:00 pm on Thursday the Pole Vault will begin with Merica Valdez and Sydney Ross competing. Valdez is seeded first with Mississippi College in second and Ross seeded third.



On the track beginning at 6:30, the 200m dash will take place in four heats. For the Wolves, Dawn McCaskill, Ashley Davis, Heather Lundi, and Nadia Davila will be racing. Later that evening Marion Bartilol will be racing the 10k beginning at 7:45 pm to finish the first day of events.






The heptathletes will begin the day at the track at 10:15 am with the long jump, javelin, and finish with the 800m. This will conclude the competition for these two athletes and their points will be totaled up and their placement will be added to the team’s points.



Shot put and high jump will begin at 1:00 pm to kick off the field events for the day. Ravae Cox, Brandi Boddy, Tyra Babbs, Kayla Williams, and MJ Jones will compete in the shot put for the Wolves. Jumping for the Wolves in the high jump will be Nadia Davila and Merica Valdez. The triple jump will conclude the field events for Friday, beginning at 6:00 pm. De’Asia Keller, Aalayla Farr, and Meghan Daniels will represent UWG in the triple jump.



Prelims for the 100m dash will begin at 3:30 pm to start the running events. For the Wolves, Dawn McCaskill, Makalah Cannon, Rolayo Roberts, Aalayla Farr, and Rickia Stafford will compete. Later in the evening, the prelims for the 100m hurdles will begin at 7:15 pm. Nadia Davila, Malaya Miles, and Tora Wright will run it for the Wolves.





Javelin begins the day at 12:00 pm at the field with Paige Berriochoa, Ravae Cox, Merica Valdez, Brandi Boddy, and MJ Jones competing. After the completion of javelin, discus will begin at 1:30 pm. Tyra Babbs, Brandi Boddy, Ravae Cox, Ellie Johnson, and MJ Jones will represent the Wolves.



Long jump will conclude the jumps at the championship beginning at 12:00 pm on Saturday. Aalayla Farr, Tora Wright, Meghan Daniels, and De’Asia Keller will compete for the Wolves.



The 400m dash will begin on the track at 2:15 pm with Heather Lundi, Meghan Daniels, and Synia White running for the Wolves. The athletes who qualified from Thursday’s 100m dash will compete in the finals on Saturday at 2:35 pm. Also, those athletes who qualified in the 200m prelims will compete at 2:45 pm in the finals.



The finals for the 100m hurdles will begin at 2:05 pm with the qualifying runners from Friday’s prelims. The 400m hurdles will begin at 3:20 pm with Amina Saunders, De’Asia Keller, E’Myah Carter, Maniyah Thomas, and Malaya Miles in the race.



Beginning the day for distance, Ebonee McCrory will run in the 1500m at 1:35 pm. Later in the day, Marion Bartilol will race in the 5k at 4:15 pm.



West Georgia ‘A’ Team will race the 4x100m relay on Saturday at 1:10 pm. The West Georgia ‘A’ Team in the 4x400m relay will race Saturday afternoon at 4:55 pm to conclude the championship.