Carrollton, GA – With only one game left on the year and that sole matchup being on the road, the West Georgia Wolves are now set to take on the Emmanuel Lions at the Shaw Athletic Center in Franklin Springs, Ga. First serve is set for this Friday Afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

The Wolves are now 6-11 on the year after winning their last two matches on the road against the Oxford Eagles with a 9-0 sweep and the Central Alabama Trojans 7-2. West Georgia is looking to finish the season off strong and on a winning streak as they come into their last match on the year. The Wolves have gained a lot of momentum going into this match with this being the second two game win streak of the season. West Georgia looks to improve not only their overall record but their already outstanding non-conference record which sits at 6-1. Emmanuel has mostly played Division II NCAA competition thus far in the season. The Lions are 12–10 on the year so far and are currently on a five game win streak.

No. 1 Doubles
Gabby Chanthaphaeng and Jordan England have held down the No. 1 doubles spot for a majority of the year going 4 - 12 on the season thus far. Chanthaphaeng is one of the more seasoned veterans on the squad and currently has 22 doubles victories in her three years at UWG with 15 of those wins coming in the No. 1 doubles slot. Chanthapaheng and England have only played doubles together in this season, beating Converse 8-6, Albany State 8-0, Christian Brothers 8-6, and Oxford 8-5.

No.2 Doubles
Sierra Brown and Sara Watson have held down the No. 2 doubles slot for most of the season going 6 - 8 so far. These two have a history together as both played in 2016 winning one No. 1 Doubles match and played in No. 2 Doubles in 2015 winning 11 matches. The duo is on a two game win streak. Brown currently has 26 doubles victories under her belt in her career with 19 coming in No. 2 Doubles, which is good for the most doubles wins in Wolves history. In their most recent match up against Central Alabama they were able to pull out a victory 8-1. This has been one of West Georgia's more consistent and successful doubles positions this year.

No. 3 Doubles
Meg Cummings and Shelby Brown have played together for most of this year going 4 – 8 in No. 3 doubles team play. Both are coming off freshman year seasons. Brown won four matches in No. 3 doubles play in 2016. This season she has won seven doubles matches with two coming in No. 2 doubles and five coming in No. 3 doubles. Cummings has seven victories this year all in No. 3 doubles. In their previous match against Central Alabama they were able to pull out a win 8-1, which now has them on a two game win streak.

No. 1 Singles
Jordan England has had 16 matches in her career in the No. 1 flight, going 2-14 in that spot. Sara Watson has returned from an injury, and as she works her way back to form it is likely that England will move to No. 2 singles, where in her career, she is 6-6 in singles matches outside of the No. 1 spot. She was 2-1 in No. 3 singles last year and 4-5 in No. 4 singles as a true freshman. 

No. 2 Singles
Gabby Chanthaphaeng is 5-10 so far this season in No. 2 singles. Chanthaphaeng was 1-2 in the No. 2 singles spot last year. She has 17 singles victories in her career with six of them coming in the No. 2 singles spot. The rest of her win tallies come in No. 3 singles. Her most recent victory comes this past week against Central Alabama where she won 6-1, 10-6 which leaves her on a two game win streak.

No. 3 Singles
Sara Watson is 4-6 so far this season in No.3 Singles and is currently on a two game win streak. Notching victories against Georgia Southwestern 6-2, 6-0, Albany State 6-0, 6-1, Oxford 6-3, 6-1, and Central Alabama 6-4, 6-2. Watson is 1-0 in No.1 singles so far this year. She has won 13 singles matches in her singles career, including seven in No. 4 singles in 2015 and one in No. 1 singles in 2016. As she works her way back she will likely move back to the No. 1 singles position.

No. 4 Singles
Sierra Brown is 6-6 so far this year in No. 4 singles.  She started off the year in the No. 3 singles position going 2 – 2 making her 8-8 overall in singles record this season. Brown is one of the few Wolves to be .500 or better in record this year. She currently has 24 singles victories under her belt in her career which is good for most in West Georgia history. She also has the best singles winning percentage in school history with .444. Her most recent solo victory came this past week against Central Alabama 6-0, 6-1 which leaves her on a two game win streak.

No. 5 Singles
Shelby Brown has been in No.5 singles for a majority of the season. Currently she is 4-8 in this position on the year. In her career she is 5 - 9 in No. 5 Singles. In 2016 she was 0 – 2 in No .6 singles and this season so far she is 1 – 3 in No. 4 singles. In her most recent match against Central Alabama she won in emphatic fashion in a 6-0, 6-0 sweep.

No. 6 Singles
Jamie Bryant has been thriving this season in the No. 6 singles spot where she has been comfortable at previously. In 2016 Bryant won two of her three matches in No.6 singles as a freshman. So far this year she is one of the few Wolves above .500 in record. She sits at 9 – 5 for the year and 3-4 in conference play. Jamie is 3 – 2 in No. 5 singles and 6-3 in No. 6 singles. She looks to end her year strong after notching another victory against Central Alabama in a sweep 6-0, 6-0 which leaves her on a two game win streak.